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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
I am proud

He fought at Guadalcanal, Tarawa and was seriously injured in Saipan. He gave me an officers sword from Tarawa that is riddled with bullet holes. They cut through the blade like a plasma cutter.
His stories in the book are not all about battles... I learned I have an uncle in New Zealand...quite an eye opener to discover that in a book.
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Those are 3 of the most ferocious battles in our nation's history. All eventually won by your grandfather and his buddies. He saw some things, boy. Saipan is where all the Japanese civilians, once it was clear the Marines were going to win, jumped to their deaths off a cliff. Women jumped off clutching their infants. Not sure how one witnesses that and ever gets a good night's sleep again.

Can I ask his name, so I'll know who it is in the book?

Was he in the Marines before WWII started?

Thanks for sharing a deeply personal part of your family's contributions to our country.
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