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Originally Posted by RIROCKHOUND View Post
You think we don't frack already???
Not to the degree we could. Not that it alone would make us 100% independent.
My point was pretty clear, we are now 5 years behind in drilling that would have gotten us much closer to energy independence.

Obama wants to have our military get him out of the corner he painted himself into.
So what is the strategy , and what is the anticipated result? What is the end result?
The UN isn't even finished their inspection and he is talking military action. He is willing to go it alone without the British. How many of the 20 countries that backed us going after wmd in Iraq are going to back us now?
Even Carter has stated unless we are in imminent danger the president must get the approval of Congress. Joe Biden is on record saying that he would personally lead the impeachment of a President who, before making military strikes, didn't get Congressional approval.
Is military action way too much, or way too soon? What ever happened to the infamous do all be all, leftist negotiating table? I guess ya just can't negotiate from weakness.

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