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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
your splitting hairs... i can walk into a gun store and buy a shot gun or a long gun no questions asked.. no? I know in RI if i want a hand gun i need to pass a gun safety test. but a shotgun... no problem.
No Eben, if you want to buy a shot gun in RI you go to your LGS, buy it, fill out a bunch of forms, have your personal information floated by your local PD (yes) where they run your info against the national back ground system with the Feds and see if there is anything disqualifying there. Then you get to wait 7 days.

Besides, if you walked into your LGS you might need to lie on the form (ATF Form 4473) about partaking in certain, umm, substances .

The only way you can go into a LGS and buy a gun and walk out with it that day is if you have a Concealed Carry License, and you have already jumped through more hoops.

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