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Originally Posted by Rmarsh View Post
Your stairbuilding experience is impressive.

Speaking of DBS.....I met Joe Delgado back in 1980.

I was building a house for my brother in law and when we were ready for insulation, one option was to buy it and install it ourselves. Someone told me to call Joe for a price to supply and install and it was cheaper than what I could buy just the insulation.
Joe showed up to do the job late one night....and installed it all by himself.
Didnt know it back then.... that he would eventually start his own lumber company. While other long established lumber companies were going out of business his company thrived.
From what he told me, he started hanging drywall out of a station wagon with his wife (now ex wife). He realize he could make some money off the product so he rented a garage and stocked up on drywall. He was buying it in bulk for the discount and marking it up and selling to his customers. His wife was 9 months pregnant delivering drywall to his jobs. This turned into DelGato Drywall. When he sold the company years later to Joe Jorge, one of his employees, he had over 100 guys hanging and finishing drywall. Great guy to work for.
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