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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
i never said they donít. and as dim as you are, you arenít this dim.

he said out loud, that hue was calling on someone because they were the first one he was instructed to call on.

Why does he need ďinstructionsĒ?

Every president is going to be more cordial, and give more time, to outlets friendly to him. But i donít guess most of them to be told to follow specific instructions.

he has said a few times so far ďiím
not supposed to ď answer this or that.

Who is giving him those instructions?

Biden is the one we elected. In a democracy, that means heís the one who is supposed to be calling the shots.

I apologize if that concept is going too fast for you.

democrat=good, always, no exceptions

how come you donít question John R when he brought this up? BevUse you donít really believe what youíre saying, thatís why. Why else?
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Jim Iíve heard rumors itís the leaders of the same organization running that back door pizza child trafficking operation. Itís the same organization that managed tens of thousands of votes for Biden many duplicates, now you have me wondering if that really is Biden, wondering if itís something like the movie Dave.
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