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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
Saying you didn’t vote for him doesn’t suggest you are not with him and agree with him .. and his madness
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here’s what liberals sometimes get, and sometimes don’t get, depending on who’s in the white house.

You can vote for a president and support him, without that meaning that you approve of every single thing he does.

When Bill Clinton was president, for 8 years, liberals said we should
ignore his many personal flaws and focus on policies. The reason they said that, is because looking at him that way, makes him look pretty good. I actually agree with that concept, i judge a president by the effects of his public policies. And that’s why I say Clinton was a good president.

But when republicans elect someone severely flawed, NOW we’re supposed to ignore the effects of his policies, and only talk about his personal behavior.

Can we just decide on one set of rules and apply them equally, do we all have to do a 180 every time the party of the sitting president changes?

Both sides do it. Republicans went on and on about growing deficits under Obama, but said nothing when trump spent like crazy.

Democrats said ( it was literally Joe Biden who said it) if a sitting Republican president near election tries to nominate a supreme
court justice, that the senate should block him. They actually called it the “Biden Rule.”. But when a democrat was president, it was horrible when republicans did EXACTLY what Biden said should be done. When a democrat is president, democrats suddenly said it was ok to appoint supreme court justices late in the term. Then when trump was president, the democrats did another full 180 and said a sitting president near election should not be able to nominate a supreme court justice. There’s only one conclusion…democrats believe it’s only ok when democrats do it.

Both sides do this constantly.

On this issue here, you are willfully failing to distinguish between supporting Trumps policies ( which i hate to break it to you, but the Gallup poll clearly shows that people liked), and his personal behavior, which nobody condones, except brain dead zealots like Sean Hannity.

Pick a set of rules, and apply them evenly. is that too much to ask?
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