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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
I do t hate Christians at all. I just disagree with the behavior
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Are you saying that "hate" is peculiar to Christians. It certainly isn't a Christian tenet. Christ did not say hate your enemy. On the other hand, being human, Christians are as prone to that "sin" as anybody else. They are certainly not MORE prone to hate than others

So if you disagree with the behavior of some Christians when they hate, are you singling them out, and therefor not disagreeing with EVERBODY ELSE when they hate?

Now if it's just a matter, with you, that certain Christian beliefs are hateful, rather than being articles of faith that are not intended to "hate," that would be an unjust opinion--in my opinion. But if a bumper sticker says it's hate, then it must be so. After all, we know that bumper stickers are the essence of truth.
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