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Originally Posted by zimmy View Post
No, that is incorrect. They were ok selling them a premade cake. They were not ok making them a custom case even if it was identical to a cake used for a heterosexual wedding. There was never a request to make the cake in any way unique to a gay couple. That is why it is illegal under Colorado law-discrimination based on who they were, not what they wanted the cake to say or look like.
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When the baker was informed that the cake was for a gay wedding, that was tantamount to asking the baker to participate in a wedding that was against his religion--regardless of what the cake looked like. Just asking for a wedding cake does not create a context that trespasses religious beliefs unless the religion bans weddings. That is why the gays specified what the cake was for. To create that context so that the baker could be sued if, as they expected, he refused.
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