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WWP response from facebook:

This article you are referring to is false. The claim that WWP does little, if any, direct support of wounded veterans and programs is simply untrue. WWP has 19 direct programs and services such as Family Support Programs, Combat Stress Recovery Program and Transition Training Academy that veterans and their families participate in every day. The article also makes claims that based on our 2011 990, we spent $95 million on administrative and fundraising costs and less than 10% of donations actually reached wounded veterans. That is absolutely incorrect. If you actually read our 990 here, (page 10) you will see it reflects $95.5 million in TOTAL expenses including $69.5 million spent on our programs and services. Moreover, the IRS form 990 does not present a complete picture of donations and expenditures the way independently audited financials do, and it does nothing to measure impact. Based on Wounded Warrior Project's fiscal year 2012 audited financial statements, 81.6 percent of total expenditures goes directly to our 19 programs and services for wounded veterans and their families. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the industry in reporting results from our programs. You can visit: to see the real impact we are making. For more on our strategy for growing and meeting the needs of this generation of wounded servicemembers, visit

Whatever psycho came up with those claims needs to be dragged in the mud and forced to work in a trauma unit for a year.
And from the looks of it he works for ANOTHER group (yes WORKS for) and slags on anyone else.

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