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I have done many refacing kitchen jobs. They always involve taking the old doors and drawer fronts off and throwing them away.
Most times we reface the wall cabinet bottoms, base and wall cabinet sides with 1/4" plywood, then reface the face frames with 1/4" solid wood. Those parts as well as the new doors are sprayed in the shop ahead of time ready to go. New hinges, usually new crown molding and sometimes new drawer runners or also drawer boxes. It is a cheaper more affordable way of updating the cabinets as opposed to replacing them, as long as you are ok with the layout. We also add cabinets or modify beforehand= for example shorten the height to fit a taller fridge or Microwave.
We also have just painted cabinets in place then install new painted doors after but that sucks spraying on site. If you are painting in place it may be good for you but spend the time prepping it because that is important and most of the work.

If you want to just buy new doors, it would be best for you rather than trying to deal with the junk you have falling apart. I don't recommend painting laminate doors anyway.
There are a lot of websites you can order doors from and places that sell knock down drawers cheaper than I could but the material for.

Cleaning the doors might work for you but you could buy shaker style doors pretty reasonable.

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