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I hope Cora has a man to man with Price tonight, "Tonight is your night, David, 5 innings is all you, winning or losing, you are the man. You can choose your fate tonight and be the hero that gets us into the World Series or choke and eat 5 innings of 5h1tburgers, because I am not wasting my bullpen tonight."

The Red Sox have a terrible batting average against Verlander and unless he sucks tonight this game is a virtual no win game. Either it back fires and Price wins us into the World Series and we are stuck with him for the duration, or it goes like I would like and he sucks so bad and eats the biggest embarrassing 5h1tburger that he opts out and finds a new home.

I think we will win the series and go to the World Series, either Sale or Ivaldi will pull us though.

GO SOX (except for Price) LOL
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