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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
I think it has more to do w/your vile statements.
"C Trump had practically nothing to do with it. He takes all of the credit for a great economy that he inherited. I've always said Pres. have less impact on the economy than they get credit for"

Then why not just celebrate the fact that unemployment is low for blacks? Why does he have to have anything to do with acknowledging that low black unemployment is a result that regardless of who did what, is worth celebrating and uniting around?

"I'm willing to give POTUS credit/blame after a year.

You can start the clock whenever you want on giving him credit/blame. Many business leaders will say there was a boost in confidence that began when he won. Confidence matters. Not saying there was zero confidence in Obama, but Trump injected more business confidence than Hilary would have.

"Did Cotton send a letter to Iranian leaders saying ignore any deal Pres. Obama signed because it would be voided"

Not exactly. He said that any deal was not permanent. But your point is valid, he was clearly undermining the president. And Trump also has a valid point, when he says that certain Democrats at the DOJ, likely allowed their personal biases to influence investigations. They were also undermining our free and fair election process, unless you see nothing concerning about the things we know so far.

"I think it has more to do w/your vile statements."

I don't make unsubstantiated criticisms, and I often concede my side is wrong and the other side is right.
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