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am I doing in here ??????

30 Years ago /when I had a real job / one of which was working in inventory accounting >.... which you had to keep a overall view on the inventory of the braches & what was being stocked // I had to actually catalog & assign a parts number for any new items ;;;
they had 36 branches in the Us / 11 in Canada & I can,t remember how many plants // somethings like 6 in the us / 3 in Canada & one overseas .................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I could see it happening /especially in our west cost branches // they were buying the same products we were making but for alot less money // everything from nuts & bolts to heavy steel ;;;
F$%^&*( nitwits were purchasing themselves right out og business .......... But to be competitive thay had toooooooooooo

That being said ..........>>>>>>>>> I,m on my forth Toyota truck/ 3rd Tacoma >>>>>>>>> never mind the difference in price // I havn,t seen a truck that can touch these // JMO


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