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Originally Posted by buckman View Post
You're right Jim, given enough time this president will be proved wrong every time!
From the dog and pony show in the Rose Garden to Susan Rice blathering on all the talk shows. Never mind swapping out five extraordinarily dangerous terrorist, and the loss of 4 true American war heros who died looking for him.
Obama sure I can pick his battles.
Sometimes, I think he couldn't get one right by accident. Everything he touches, turns to vomit. Remember he was going to use his worldwide popularity to get Chicago to host the summer Olympics? After they got done laughing at him, they eliminated Chicago in the first round...

This is what you get, when you elect a guy who has accomplished nothing, but spent his life in an elite university faculty room. Obama is learning (unfortunately we are all learning) that what sounds great over hot toddies in the faculty lounge, doesn't always fly where the tires hit the pavement...

How long, O Lord?

I'm waiting for him to pardon Abu Mumia Jamal on his last day, just to give me the finger one last time...
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