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Originally Posted by spence View Post

As was said before, get him home and let the military court decide.

But the laughable stupidity oesn't lie with the swap, but with the narrative that we were saving someone who served with distinction.

Look, if this guy cracked because of genuine fear or some other malady, I feel sorry for him, and I'm glad he's back. But it's deeply insulting for the families of those who died looking for Bergdal, to hear the administration say that he served with distinction.

Enough with the narrative that makes it seem like Obama can walk on water. He probably can't drink a glass of water without spilling it and cutting his lip open.

It's hysterical. Hysterical. Obama is almost th eexact opposite of what he claimed he was. A vindictive, hate-mongering, race-hustling, divisive, doofus.
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