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Originally Posted by spence View Post
Misbehavior before the enemy and it's the more serious charge. I'm not sure I buy his story he was going out to report on problems within his unit, not that there weren't any, but to do so alone and at night seems pretty reckless. I'd like to know if there actually was a senior officer in the area he could have gone to.

I'm sure that was the reasoning.

Had his father not had such freakish behavior I think people would have read the situation a lot differently. More empathy and less ridicule.
"Had his father not had such freakish behavior "

That didn't issue is with the adminidstration stating unequivocally that he had served with distinction, when not only is that not true, there was lots of evidence to the contrary. Saying he served with distinction, is an insult to the guys he served with.

"More empathy and less ridicule"

If Bergdahl enlisted with good intensions but cracked (a good possibility at this point), I have lots of empathy and I'm glad he's back. I have zero empathy, and nothing but ridicule, for Obama. He lost me when he said "Republicans gotta stop just hatin' all the time." I know how you feel about the guy, but you have to admit, that's offensive (and incredibly dishonest) to a huge number of people that Obama is supposed to be serving. John McCain and Mit Romney are hate-mongers? Until he apologizes for that specific remark, he gets notihng but contempt and ridicule from me, that's exactly what he deserves
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