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Originally Posted by chefchris401 View Post
I used baking soda and toothbrush on mine at the end of last season, mixed with a little dawn dish soap, worked awesome, got rid of most the smell of eel potion, bunker oil and rigged eel slime.

I soaked bag down, used baking soda and the soap mixed together and just scrubbed it in every direction, even removed some rust stains from the white material, then made sure to rinse it well, then just because I repeated the process.

Looks almost brand new and doesn't stink anymore
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thats what i did with mine, just a very little bit of baking soda and freshwater, i didnt have anything spilled in it though, we swam through some nasty algae that gives you swimmers itch so i washed everything including the bag, cus that stuff sucked

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