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Yea, I will go when I can too. Just trying to figure
out when the ideal times are.

For instance, today I am at work.
Tonite it will be the peak of low tide when I can get
to the shore.
1. I would have to leave work in Providence
2. Head over to Ocean State Tackle
3. Drive out to West Greenwich to get my gear
4. Then head out to Narrgansett
5. Visit with family
6. Walk to beach
7. Fish.

Then when all that is done:
1. Head back to West Greenwich late at night
2. Wake up early tomorrow morning
3. Go back to work in Providence

On top of all that, it may rain some.

That's a lot of miles, trouble, and gas money. I am more then
willing to do it since I have to head to Narragansett
tonite anyways, but I wonder if peak low tide at the
time I can fish would be worth all the extra trouble.

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