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You hooked up last night at time X. You will hav the same tide conditions an hour later tonight.

Carry your tackle in the car at all times if possible..

Your rigging looks OK except I don't see any mention of using a leader betweent he swivel and the hook. You probably want a leader about 3 feet or more long of 40 to 50 pound test. It takes the beating from the rocks and the fishes mouth.

Nothing wrong with floating whole squid for Bass, they are refered to as squid hounds after all.

If you go for eels, read eeling 101 above, there are some good tips there.

Fish at night. LT isn't the worst situation, it might be the best time to fish the location you are at, just don't ge thung on a location because fo the one fish one time.......Enjoy your quest...

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