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Originally Posted by Tagger View Post
Maybe the inspector doesn't like answering questions to home owners but tough cookies,,,.. Homies and Lowes has developed a huge DIY market ,, A lot of people like working on their own house .. A lot of people like to abide by the law and pull permits (dopes). That's the reality of the situation . Tough to make money residential any way. Too many contractors cutting each others throats . At least that is what was happening when I was out there . Are contractors still competing with firemen for jobs ? hated that .
Yo hit the nail on the head Homies and Lowes developed a huge do it yourself market, and too many people now do things half assed, or unsafe. My buddies girlfriend owns a rental in a real nice town. She had a friend redo the front stairs about 3 years ago. Latest tenant just moved out so the were going to rip off the fir, and replace it with Trex. They started the rip and soon found the exterior 4"x6" totally rotted and failing across the front. The person who rebuilt the stairs cut out a section at the top of the stair and replaced it with a single piece of 2"x6" Under the splice was a 2"x4" vertical sitting on a 2"x4" on the flat that was bending under load. This was a collapse waiting to happen. So we ripped it out and started new. My buddy wanted to take all kinds of shortcuts to save some money, but I would not let him, if I was doing it , it was getting done right. Maybe Homies and Lowes should open an area of their stores for code questions....

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