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Originally Posted by The Dad Fisherman View Post
Nice....that sounds like a neat trick. so the elastic keeps the tension but allows for a little "Give" until something grabs it....then slips off and goes with the line as its running
yes.. it keeps the big bait from moving the spool.... because it is actualy tethered to the bottom of the tip up... but once it is pulled free ( or broken) it then triggers the flag and allows line to be played out off of the spool... I was going to show it at the presentation.. but it slipped my mind... I had the elastics all laid out in front of the board to remind me.. but i totaly spaced it...

there's another trick using them to aid in setting the hook... in this variation... the elastic is cinched on about 3' beyond the depth setting...the elastic is then put on the spool and the last 3' ( to your marker) is wound on and the tip up after the flag is tripped and the line begins to pay out the line hits the elastic( just like a tuna line snubber on a hand line).. thus breaking ...but not before setting the hook... I've used it sucessfully on days when the fish were running several feet and dropping the bait repeatedly... it works real well with circle hooks..

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