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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
Jim, I think you need to read up on Judge Thomas' hearing. It was totally different from Bengazi. It wasn't about rape and was sch. due to his confirmation. There was little opposition until people heard about Anita Hill. She came forward reluctantly.

Maybe the Bengazi investigation will find that Pres. Clinton had sez with a 2nd intern.
It was a necessary, legitimate exercise that, as usual, immediately descended into pure partisan attacks. Hill came forward reluctantly, because nobody believed her, unless they had a political benefit to supporting her.

My point was, it shouldn't be acceptable to us that both parties use these things for petty partisan attacks. We should demand more.

Thomas' confirmation hearing was legitimate. So is asking the SecState to testify about the disaster that happened on her watch in Libya. Biut politics sems to always get in the way, because we don't elect people who genuinely know how to solve problems and get things done.

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