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Removing Ramset fasteners

Need to remove a lot of Ramset fasteners. Anyone tried this before?

Here's what happened. Client wanted to remodel their basement. I bid it for framing out with 2x4s, and 1/2 inch greenboard upper and 1/2 cement board along floor. (They have a creek 20 yards from the basement door....) When they converted to gas this fall, the plumber installed the new baseboard directly to the concrete foundation with about 50 Ramset loads.... BEFORE I got to frame it up! So now the system has to be drained, the copper line cut and capped, so I can frame the wall. Not looking forward to getting those things out. Tried a long metal sawzall blade today. First one went easy, then nothing appeared to be getting cut.... Decided to wait until the heating line is out of the way so I don't create any collateral damage... Suggestions welcomed. Experience really welcomed....

Options I have thought of;
Masonry chisel
Pry bar
Some sort of hole saw to cut through back of baseboard plate around the fastener, thus releasing the back plate
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