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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
"But isn't that what you do constantly "


"find something that you don't like and apply it to all?"

We've done this dance a few times. Yes, I make generalizations. For example, I might say that librals riot when they don't get their way. Now, I know that not every single liberal in the nation condones this. But the majority of people doing the rioting are obviously liberal, so i take the liberty of saying that "liberals riot when they don't get their way." It's a genaralization, but it's a much more valid generalization (in my opinion, naturally) than saying that "all" Trump supporters are in favor of punching those with whom they disagree, when you are generalizing about, what, 10 people out of millions?So then since I know that not every single conservative in the nation condones it but the majority of people doing the spitting and the sucker punching are obviously conservative should I take the liberty and generalize by saying "conservatives spit on people and sucker punch people when they don't like what those people say"? You're an actuary - both samples are too small to make that generalization. In addition, you generalize and make the obviously wrong assumption that the ones doing the protesting (and yes acting like idiots) are representative of all liberals instead of saying they are a much, much younger aged subset.

"seems like it is the Trump supporters getting arrested for sucker punching people"

I have no problem with that statement. I don't see Hilary or Bernie supporters getting violent at those rallies, but that may be because conservatives aren't protesting like wild animals at those rallies, preventing Hilary or Bernie from speaking, are we?I don't think the ones inside the arena's are acting like animals - maybe the idiots outside are.

Who is getting arrested for killing everybody in Chicago? Criminals areIs that a bigger issue, or a smaller issue, than what 10 drunk morons do at Trump rallies?
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