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Thanks for all the responses. I really appreciate it.

Originally Posted by fish4striper View Post
How do you plan to fish for them, with a light spinning reel ? Let us know your budget, we can recommend some appropriate gear.
I am taking a charter this year, and it seems that they have high
end stuff, so I think I am good on gear. My query was more about
what I should expect and strategies. I am really ignorant on the
topic, and I have been trying to find resources that may help in my
academic understanding of what I am getting myself into.

Its a lot of money to spend, so I am just trying to get a head start
on my learning curve. If I hook one. I want to land it, and really
want to avoid rookie errors, if I can. I also want to make sure I can
finish the job, I don't want to hand the rod off.
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