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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
Soldiers strained by six years at war are deserting their posts at the highest rate since 1980, with the number of Army deserters this year showing an 80% increase since the United States invaded Iraq in 2003. a story from 2007 ...

More than 20,000 soldiers have been dropped from the rolls as deserters since 2006, Army data show. how is Bergdahl different from the other 20,000 i'll tell you.. it's Obama ! he made the call to get him out ..

This is nothing new deserters... He showed how dumb or unstable he was for not waiting until he went Home on leave to become a deserter .. but no he became a deserter and POW on the same night..

I was a Plt Sgt in Iraq and if any of my men deserted I would expect them to be charged under the UCMJ regardless of the Location of the desertion as is happening now ... and men and women died looking for him because that what we do!! they were KIA conducting combat operations IED's thats war its dangerous and happened all the time

But I would never support the belief that if they were captured the United States should abandon them!!
deserter or not

why is the the right willing to sacrifice a US soldier for 5 Taliban None who were facing charges in either military or civilian courts for their actions. ??
I don't believe he was captured by the Taliban I think he went looking for them.
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