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Originally Posted by FishermanTim View Post
I think I saw our local ground hog frolicking in the back yard, stopping just long enough to flip me the bird!

Even though there will still be waters with lots of ice, the problem will be getting on the ice! What that ends up meaning is any shore ice that the foot soldiers would be using to haul their gear will probably get ripped to pieces by the sleds.

Probably need to plank it from here on out.

If worse comes to worst, I can always get some open water action, and when the sun is out there are some tidal waters that have held some "holdover" stripers in the past.
(Best part is that only a very few people know of these waters, and most of those only know it by boat. I fish it from shore and have had some very good outings. My earliest striper ever was on March 5, so that's also a possibility if the ice doesn't pan out.)
Drove my wheeler onto 18" of solid ice yesterday... edges not even close to breaking up... stopped and looked at several spots on Winni on my way home... same thing.. ice varied between 12 t0 15" good hard black ice..not air filled snow ice... this weekend will go a long way to keeping those shores nice for a bit longer... glad I'm on vacation next week...Personally .. I don't /wont use a plank... when I cant step onto solid ice... I'm done.

A good run is better than a bad stand!
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