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Eeee coooodeeeesh - where is that Joe guy...

He's gotta be getting ready for the show circuit, I guess and working on that new jig

Well, I know him and jbuck are busy elfing for Johnny Habs Jr, too -

I've actually seen the prototype right after it was tank tested at the secret facilty - it's gonna be a beaut - I've got just the rod for it too, the spot to use it in and a boat ride with piemma to try it out in the field - I got a feeling on that one after talking to EdB...well, we'll see in the Spring...

Hmm...I dunno, it's tough to keep up with these tackle magnates...they've always got something cooking...

"There is no royal road to this heavy surf-fishing. With all the appliances for comfort experience can suggest, there is a certain amount of hard work to be done and exposure to be bourne as a part of the price of success." From "Striped Bass," Scribner's Magazine, 1881.
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