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Originally Posted by fishbones View Post
Finally went to see it today. I thought the special effects were out of this world and the 3d was great. The story was good, but not anything that hasn't been done in other movies. And by that I mean the love story, the humans as bad guys, respect nature, etc... That being said, I'll probably see it again to pick up on little things I may have missed.
Hehehe, yeh, despite the evil bad guys, yada yada... I had to explain to my son that some things are just "stories" and not to get wrapped up in the political underlying mantra and digs. The visual effects were great.

Originally Posted by 5/0 View Post
The wife bought it on Blue Ray,Wow the graphics are just insane I'll prolly wacth it again this week to see what I missed.
Looks pretty good on Bluray

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