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Didn't see this coming

And this morning I noticed a Replublican commercial claiming the tax bill was targeted at the middle class.

Following last Decemberís corporate tax cuts, dozens of companies from AT&T to Walmart have announced bonuses and pay rises for their employees. But how much of the windfall is actually ending up in the hands of workers?

The answer is less than you might think, according to an analysis of the first 105 announcements. Just Capital, which tracks corporate performance on a range of corporate responsibility-type metrics, finds that just 6% of capital allotted so far is going to staff, while 58% is going to shareholders in the form of dividends, share buy-backs, or retained earnings.

And, of that 6% for workers, more than half is in the form of bonuses, meaning the transfers are set to be short-lived. If workers are getting at least some money from the tax cuts, itís not necessarily in form of ongoing remuneration.
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