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Did a little searching for the story on the web.
The boat that was rammed was trying to break through a blockade that the other two boats were part of to keep others away from where the pink (hatchery) salmon were. Lot of bad blood in that Prince William Sound fishery between the ramming boat's family and other comms. They are said to be bullies and the daughter who was skippering the ramming boat is said to have been following family elder's orders to keep other boats out of "their" area.... This happened just prior to the season opening gun. I can understand the one boat wanting to bust through the local mafia's blockade, but when you don't have the room, you just don't stick your nose in there. I have never witnessed such a blockade, but have certainly been bullied by larger commercial boats out on the bank that were steaming right at me and showed no intention of altering course..... And I know Freak has had more than a few run ins out there and has lost gear to them before.

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