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Reminds me of regular fall trips up to the Jefferson Notch Motel for foliage hiking weekends. We would sit around the main office shooting the breeze with the proprietors, and they would tell us stories about things they did (usually after a night of drinking) and it brought one story to mind.

They had one night that they called their "hill hollering" night.
They would basically scream, hoot and howl as loud as they could to see if they could get an echo from the mountains across the road from the motel. They were situated on the north side of the Presidential Mountain range, near Mt Madison and Mt Monroe.

Who's to say that if they heard anything at all, that it wasn't an echo, but a reply???

I can't give any specifics as I was not there when they did it.
I can say that the area is VAST...we're talking a section of the Appalachian Mountains.

Who knows what really happened???

I am a legend in my own mind!
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