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Originally Posted by cheferson View Post
Told all of you over 4 years ago lmao ! Where's spence 😭😂?!?! Bet you a vs lol ! Spence said double digits ,worthless 👌🏼! anonomous , not at all
! Every transaction is logged in the blockchain . Nightfighter Bitcoin and crypto currencies are easy to invest in . My gf's boss pays her 5 and 9 Yr old in Bitcoin for chores , lol ! Look up Gbtc 👀If your lazy
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GBTC is a viable option if you get by the 2% mgt fee they charge for doing nothing.... Of course that pales in comparison to the >85% premium one has to pay..... Investors in bitcoin have made some life changing gains over the past year plus. But as a classically trained economist/investment advisor, there are some very red flags flying....
Chef, can you tell me you would ever consider paying 85% premium for anything? Just presenting the other side of the risk coin.

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