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Talking Fall fishing is on fire!!!

Just a quick report for the past 3 days, the fishing is getting awesome now as we have had some heavy fish in the boat.
Over the past few days we have caught 8 bass between 30 lbs and 37 lbs and about 10 fish between 20lbs & 30 lbs, Also have gotten about a 1/2 dozen blues between 8 & 12lbs. I will post pictures on the site later today as I am headed out to beat um up again.

If you are looking for some big Boston harbor Striped Bass and Bluefish, the fall run is on!!!

We still have plenty of fishing days left so if you want to get out there check out the previous post for shared trip dates. If you are looking for a private trip we have plenty of dates for that as well. I think we will be into some good bass and bluefish for the next 4 weeks. So give us a call and we will get you out there.

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