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Originally Posted by Sea Dangles View Post
Kudos to you if you are one of the thoughtful ones. I hope terrorists such as the one in NYC are discerning enough to recognize you as such and will spare your life. Obviously the 8 folks murdered were unable to let the alleged murderer see their good side.
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Gee, when you put it that way...

I think most people realize that the majority of Muslims are good people. But there are 2 billion muslims, and if 1% of them are jihadists, that's 20 million jihadists. I feel horrible for innocent, decent Muslims. Not so horrible, that I'm wiling to sacrifice innocent Americans on the altar of political correctness.

Zimmy, if I gave you a bowl of 100 skittles, and told you that 1 of them was poisoned, how many would you eat? How many would you let your loved ones eat? Answer - zero. People aren't candy, so it's not a perfect analogy, but it's not a meaningless analogy either.
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