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Originally Posted by BigBo View Post
Yeah, but I'm talking about in my lifetime.
I really don't want to drive a couple hours just to ice fish and I'd bet I haven't been able to use my gear in @ five years.
How far are you driving?

I live in Hyde Park, near Dedham line, and I have been able to find good ice in Westwood, Wayland, Westford, Georgetown before I even think of heading "long distance".

I do a little early winter checks at some local ponds and get an idea of when I should be able to find safe ice. That also means I don't take chances. I check and re-check the ice to be as safe as possible.
I also enter the ice from the shallowest part so that if I were to break through while checking, I would suffer wet feet and not much more.

My goal is to start checking ice thickness before Christmas (if conditions are right) and as a last resort, I will take a road trip up north. But that won't be until after the new year so I think I have time to plan and putter around the house!

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