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Originally Posted by Hookedagain View Post
Big Bo....let met know if you're serious about getting rid of some ice gear. I have been wanting to get into it with my son. I am interested in picking up some gear.

hooked, i live in swansea, and there are some great local ponds to hit 5-10 minutes from your house. even if you don't find gear(which i'm sure you will) you can bring your son by and catch some fish. Everyone has complained about ice but there has never repeat never been a winter where our ponds did not freeze safe enough to fish. Granted some years theres a smaller window
as far as gear... used good gear is a great option but there are plenty of cheap traps at bass pro, dicks , sports authority. the biggest expence is the chipper or auger. which as long as you hook up with another fisherman you won't need it.

I LOVE it when MY WIFE lets me fish
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