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Originally Posted by Sea Dangles View Post
Again,differing perspectives. But there was no outrage with some of the curious choices Obama decided on for pardons. Yet a bolt of lightning goes through you at the mere mention of Trump. I know you said he doesn’t bother you and blame his base. But seriously...
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There was plenty of outrage from the right about Obama's commuting drug offenses or Jeff sessions calling abuse of power for allowing no violent drug offender to apply for presidential clemency

I guess you missed it

It's not about the ability to pardon it's the merits of the who he chooses to pardon .. seems thats to Cryptic of an idea for you and the rest of trumpland .. let's see .. one the author and friend who praised him in a book .. ones buddies with Jared and another killed an unarmed prisoner in Iraq ...
Joe Arpaio scooter libby dinesh d Souza..
So we have criminal contempt perjury and obstruction of justice x2 arson murder campaign finance violation and racketeering
All reinforcing they got screwed by the deep state and I fixed it

In a nutshell Trump pardons are for future use
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