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Originally Posted by FishnGrega View Post
But what I'm wondering is why people flock to green. No offense but that would be like saying you can use any plug and color throughout the whole day in any condition.

YES any condition that it can be effective,, as long as the vibration draws the fish and the color is in the fishes visual spectrum it will work ,,,,, I have used dark red, olive, white, black, green, yellow and others to catch fish in bright conditions this year alone.... some of those dark colors in the middle of the day.... The whole bright light bright colors-dark colors dark night theory is a general statement and in lots of cases is true ,,, but not always...

If it does not mimic the bait well enough or the fish can’t see it you get the big SKUNK.

One step further…

The plug shape, action, and vibration (sound) mimic the bait. Long before a bass sees color it will sense the vibration through the lateral lines on its sides,,, This causes it to be attracted to the plug that is mimicking the bait. I am not going to get into scent or smell which travels very far in the water because that is another ballgame,,, just hope that the fish is overwhelmed with vibration, hunger and color so that it strikes.

When the fish gets a visual on the plug it closes the gap based on colors in its visual spectrum (what it sees). Starting in the middle of its visual spectrum will be Chartreuse and working outward in the ultraviolet region will be shades of green. Green including bright green is still fairly close to the center of that spectrum and can be seen very well in various conditions. Hence being an effective color.

A striper has enough cones to see colors… although most of its eye is made up of rods which is why it can see so well at night. Rods are known to see various shades of grey instead of color. From what I have read the rods and cones of a striped bass actually change positions on the retina based on the level of light.

A stripers vision is not near as keen a sense as their sense of sound (vibration) and smell.
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