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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
A federal jury found Pacific Gas and Electric Company guilty on five felony counts of failing to adequately inspect its gas pipelines before the blast that incinerated a neighborhood in San Bruno, Calif., in September 2010. The utility was also found guilty of one count of misleading federal investigators about the standard it used to identify high-risk pipelines.

PG&E was acquitted on six other charges of violating pipeline safety laws.

The blast came without warning in the early evening. It killed eight people, seriously injured 38 others and destroyed 58 homes in the suburb just south of San Francisco.

8 die minding their own business no out cry for those at the top to go to jail

answer from the right we need more deregulation

4 die in Benghazi doing their job 4,948 mi and they want Hillary in Jail

answer from the right should have spent more money

But hea keep the conspiracies going it all the right has
Not familiar with the PG&E case, but you said it was found guilty of five felony counts. And another count of misleading federal investigators. Is there some reason that the people at the top should go to jail?

I don't believe that anyone was found to have committed any felonies in the Benghazi case. Are you trying to compare the Benghazi to the PG&E case? If you are implying that there should by a cry for people at the top of PG&E to go to jail, then shouldn't you be crying for Hillary also to go to jail? Or at least for the State Dept. to be "convicted" of causing the death of those at Benghazi as PG&E were convicted for inadequately providing protection for the mission, or for even allowing the mission to be there under the dangerous conditions? And Hillary was more directly and personally responsible for the mission and its protection.

The greatest outcry over Benghazi is not Hillary's committing a crime, but because of her incompetence. There is no jail time for being wrong or incompetent. Those who cry for Hillary to go to jail do so because of the email scandal, not because of Benghazi.
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