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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
A federal jury found Pacific Gas and Electric Company guilty on five felony counts of failing to adequately inspect its gas pipelines before the blast that incinerated a neighborhood in San Bruno, Calif., in September 2010. The utility was also found guilty of one count of misleading federal investigators about the standard it used to identify high-risk pipelines.

PG&E was acquitted on six other charges of violating pipeline safety laws.

The blast came without warning in the early evening. It killed eight people, seriously injured 38 others and destroyed 58 homes in the suburb just south of San Francisco.

8 die minding their own business no out cry for those at the top to go to jail

answer from the right we need more deregulation

4 die in Benghazi doing their job 4,948 mi and they want Hillary in Jail

answer from the right should have spent more money

But hea keep the conspiracies going it all the right has
What made you pick a pipeline as an example of deregulation?
The pipe was installed in 1958 before testing methods such as x-ray scanning welds and met the standards at the time. The company was fined 1.6 billion so I don't think they got off scott free.
If regulations were ignored perhaps it was the union employees who ignored regulations. I hear the union ads about how professional and knowledgeable the union employees are, so who failed to do their job correctly?
What regulations were ignored since you brought up the pipeline?

Obama regulations cost over $100 Billion
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