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Originally Posted by stephen usavich View Post
honestly, I cant believe just how MUCH information there is on this site, I"ve been on others ,and just didn't see it, I love talking fishin' to any one, especially the newbies, its great to pass on this awesome sport!
If you really want to read some amazing information search for posts from flaptail , he's no longer with us but his words are written in this forum. There's a ton of information on here all very valuable Numbskull, Rockfish9 etc etc ..I'm sure I'd leave a few names out so I'll stop there. As a numbnut who couldn't tie a knot when I started I was amazed reading their posts and their personal experience they shared. Now I'm just a numbnut...

Does your incessant whining make you feel better? How about you just shut the hell up and suck it up? It's a fishing forum , so please just stop.
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