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in the best world :
you'd have this set up "in a hobie"
for when the battery goes dead then you can paddle or
pedal ..... your way back and not be stuck

in my case i got blown to the opposite shore in fierce winds.........
the battery was real low and couldn't deal with
25 mph then i had to get out and tow the boat
back on foot.... which is why i want both systems![/QUOTE]


If you're willing and able to make the investment why not get the Hobie Adventure Island for about twice the price as the Outback.

The A.I. is fast, and with outriggers (aka's and ama's) has about a 9 ft beam so it's solid as a rock or you can fish it Hawaiian style with just one outrigger like I do and still have great stability.

With the 52 sq ft roller furling sail (15 ft mast), when it gets real windy, instead of getting blown to the opposite shore you can put up the sail and have a ball.

Lately, when I hear a "small craft advisory" broadcast, which I believe means 15-20 kt winds I can't help grinning, pump my fist in the air and go sailing or high speed trolling for bluefish. No kidding.

It's also a great conversation starter as people are always walking up and commenting about what a nice looking rig it is or commenting about the great job I did retrofitting my kayak with sail, outriggers etc. I guess most people here in Rhode Island haven't even seen a picture of one and I've never seen another one on the water.

Youtube has some great videos taken from the seat of a Hobie A.I. under sail if you want to check it out.


p.s. The quality of the boat and components is outstanding.
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