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Faith restored in Cabo

So I'm a big fan of the Cabo reel. Bought my first from friend and fellow member Skillings, and I've been fishing the Cabo 50 for a few years now. Pound for pound (and more importantly for the $) I think the Cabo performs as well as I could possibly ask a $200 reel to perform.

Over last winter I got ahold of another Cabo 50 from a fellow fisherman (either from this forum or another). Caught bass up to 47", Albies, gator blues, and everything else on these Cabos and I've become a really a big fan.

Then this summer started having trouble. One of the Cabo reels was squeaking like a dying bird. Tried greasing a couple times and still the squeak remained. The other Cabo started acting up as well, slowly turning in reverse. I'm assuming anti-reverse bearings need to be replaced, but I can't figure out how to do it myself. Now I'm stuck, bought both used so no sales receipt means no warranty right?

Contacted Zebco/Quantum and asked about service. Recently sent the anti-reverse problem reel to their service center in AZ. Waited anxiously to see the result. Well FedEx arrives today with two boxes. One small box is my spool from the reel i sent in. Which I thought odd, why would they ship the reel and the spool in two storage boxes. Other box is a brand new, in box, unopened Cabo 50 (spool and everything).

So not only did they "service" and get reel back to be in about two weeks. Not only did they send me a brand new replacement reel. They also sent me my old spool back, so I now have an extra spool for free!

Not bad Zebco, not bad at all! You've purchased my loyalty back again!
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