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Question Penn 4400ss re-assembly

A couple of years ago I got a Penn 4400ss and while using it the reel had built up sand in the grease and oil both inside and outside of the housing, so the reel needed to be cleaned.

I didn't want to wait over a month for Penn to do the work and the guy at the local reel repair shop was really backed up so I decided to do the work myself.

I couldn't find any instructions on how to do this but I do have the diagram that came with the reel.

After taking it apart and cleaning it, I went to put it back together the other day but can't figure out where to put the spring that was part of the anti-reverse gear. I can't tell from the diagram. All other parts in the rotor and housing are where they are supposed to be and everything works but the anti-reverse.

If anyone out there is familiar with the assembly of this reel, I would love to hear any tips on the maintenance of it, like what type of grease and oil to use in it, and especially where the heck this spring is supposed to go.

After using this reel for a while I'm not to impressed with it, but it cost to much money for me to just toss it and move on to a new one.

I would really like to get it back into good working.
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