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Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
I'm having to replace my A/C, both outdoor unit and indoor components because they're freon based and apparently that's hard, if not impossible to find. The new unit will be a 4 ton 13SEER. The guy told me my current A/C unit was so old it didn't even have an efficiency rating. Well for the cost I'm going to be very good about remembering the tips above and any others anyone might care to share.
I've noticed other A/C units out by the street waiting pickup recently. Is 14 years about the life expectancy of an A/C system?
Jimbo all units do have a efficiency rating,if it is that old it might be an 8 or 10 SEER but it dose have one.
If the inside unit is ok you can change out the out side unit,even thou it's R22 you can buy a dry condenser it just needs to be charged.

A 30# jug of R22 is about $370.00 ish you'll have to pay roughly $22-30 a pound. for a four ton condenser and I don't know how long the run is you'll prolly need close to 8-9#'s,the newer systems (been around close to 20 yrs.) R410A the base model is 13 SEER if next summer is as warm you will see a huge diff in savings.

As for the life on systems it all depends on MFGR please don't let him install a Goodman,they suck!He'll get it dirt cheap and I will bet within 2 years the capacitor and contactors will fail.
Before he installs it ask him what he wants to put in and ask him what is the factory warranty,most Carrier's come with a 10yr.on the compressor and 5yr. on'll have pay for labor on some things but not the compressor (10yrs.) the factory will pay up to four hours to change it out,so don't get fooled or roped into something that's not lagit.You've worked hard for your money so work hard at spending it!
unless your getting a heat pump I would not recommend going above a 15 SEER you'll not get the money back, believe me you'll see enough savings in a 410 system.


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