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It's not a cheap hobby and I certainly don't mind guys selling. We've got a pretty good group of builders here that are very generous with their knowledge. Maybe the comm guys don't post as much, but once you turn that corner competition from other comm builders and $$$ comes into play.

I've never sold any plugs. Not that I have a problem with other guys selling, but the whole process to me is just so much work that if it was something where I felt like I had to do to get X plugs done by date Y, I'd give it up as a hobby pretty damn quick. I've been building for maybe a dozen years, and I still don't own duplicator. I can get the stuff close enough by hand and I know as soon as I had a duplicator Id start doing big runs of things and just turn it into work I wouldn't enjoy. Doing it by hand I rarely make more than 6-12 of anything.

I agree with a lot of what George said. I really just like making stuff to fish, and I really like tweaking the stuff I build for the specific areas I fish to try and come up with something that fishes better. Kind of a better mouse trap thing.
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