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Wind...Whites and wiley E coyote

Got to my fishing destination at daybreak... I was targeting white perch and the area is a 50' deep hole in close proximity to a decent sized brook...
The run to the spot is about 2 miles down the bay from where I park and I have to go around a small island along the way... as I rounded the corner I could see a lot of bird activity in the sky... simular to what we see on the ocean during a blitz..I could see 3 coyotes scampering around chasing Eagles that were trying to land sometimes doubling back to jump in the air at them... as I drew nearer the noise of the 4 wheeler was enough to send the 3 of them into the woods.. this is the scene I came up[on... gruesome to say the least... the story was written in the fresh snow that had fallen the night before... the smell of fresh meat permeated the air...two adult and 2 juvenile eagles stayed with the remains all day... I left at 3 not want to be between the predators and what was left of their kill at night fall...
I set up across the tip of the drop off about 1/2 mile from the carcass... My tip ups were set in water from 27' to 52 feet 2' above the bottom baited with pin shiners... despite the fierce wind ( other guys on the lake left before noon)which toped out with gusts of 40mph... I was able to eek out a decent catch... I ended the day with 13 white perch... 2 small mouth 1 small pickerel and more 4" yellow perch than I cared to count...most of the whites were in 37 - 42'of water... I didn't dare set up my single person hut to follow the white perch schools for fear of bending the pop up structure and I had the 3 man hub set up over 47'.. I never had anything hit the jig or even show even though I did see some bait fish on the screen of the Lowrance hook 4
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