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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
Wrong. The regs are rendering the current plans illegal. And most folks can't get into a new Obamacare plan, because with 3.5 years and a jillion dollars,. the website they came up with is a POS. Obamacare is thus increasing the number of uninsured, which is pretty ironic.
The changes aren't immediate...people aren't being kicked off and left with no insurance.

Sandra Fluke is a parasite and a shameless skank. I'm not parroting Rush Limbaugh, whose show I have literally never heard. That I happen to agree with Rush on this topic does not mean I am parroting him, that's my own conclusion based on the empirical evidence.
Great minds must troll the same gutters then.

Why you'd call her a "shameless skank" is beyond me. Do you know ANYTHING about her personal life?

Perhaps you should run this one by your wife.

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