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Unreal is the word that comes to mind watching that news conference. Him asking April Ryan to set up a meeting was so bizarre, just the way he handles himself in these situations is more like watching my teenage boys argue with one another back in the day.

He got elected and he still wants to argue how it happened, he's not a sore looser (he couldn't ever even admit it); he is a sore winner.....just STFup and move on. Hard to watch, but it's like a terrible car crash on the other side of the highway, you know you shouldn't slow down and watch; but you just can't help yourself.

Do you Trump supporters really feel comfortable this clown is level headed enough to deal with the Russians if they test the waters in a more serious way? Of if they expand what they are doing overseas, he can't even deal with the media without over reacting, I'm not feeling all that safe under this "finely tuned ha machine".
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